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1.1-Inch Stamina Trainer Erection Enhancer 4 Separated Penis Ring

1.1-Inch Stamina Trainer Erection Enhancer 4 Separated Penis Ring

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1.1-Inch Stamina Trainer Erection Enhancer 4 Separated Penis Ring
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  • Features:

    Maintains long-lasting erections and enhances size by safely restricting blood vessels.
    4 separating rings varying in sizes have different functions to different penis points, which can make a good restrain effect more accessible.
    Ultra soft and stretchy silicone material provides a comfortable custom fit.
    Heightens your sensitivity while the textures stimulating your partner at the same time.


    Whether you’re an experienced bondage player or just a fresh hand trying out a penis ring for the first time, this product perfectly suits you. In super-smooth silicone, this quaternity-designed cock ring can be worn together for maximum grip sensations or used separately for specific restrain of penis points. Various options are always available. Stretch to fit securely around the scrotum and add some extra rings on the shaft, you will be amazed at your harder erections, prolonged sex and more explosive orgasms! Don’t hesitate to take this all-purpose cock ring home to boost your sexual performance!


    Weight: 0.1lb

    Internal diameter:  0.9 - 1.1''

    Material: silicone

    Package included:

    4 x penis rings

Customer Reviews



I was very happy to try this set. I've been looking for a set for a while and just never ended up with a good one until I got this one. It comes with 3 different size rings with different textures. It also comes with a ring that folds into three sections, which was hard to understand at first. It is amazing how stretchy these are and how easy they fit. They definitely do the job and add much stimulation. The package is simple. What you see is what you get, which is awesome. Clean up is just warm water with mild soap. The clean up is very easy.


I had used cock rings before however had never used a 3 hole cock cage ring . It took some patience to work out how to fit it but once it wasit felt great around cock & how it cages the balls. Definitely made me alot harder than any other ring I have used. As it cages the balls it is great to use a vibrating bullet directlythe balls as the ring gently squeezes them and use the vibratorthrobbing cock & head to an amazing orgasm.


I recently purchased the PALOQUETH Premium Stretchy Silicone Cock Rings Set. The rings are very well made out of a nice stretchy material. My favorite ring is the 3 hole one. I have found that it works well around my scrotum, as well asthe cock. The 'handles' make it very easy to putand take off. You can put the middle ring around your scrotum, and one of the outer rings around your cock.

Of the other cock rings, my preference is the largest one, it fits me very nicely, with a comfortable constriction. As always, you don't want to wear anything that constricts for more than a half hour!

At first I thought that the rings looking like little tires was a little odd, but cute. Turns out it makes them much easier to grab onto to remove.

A very nice set, no matter what size you need.


Very stretchy and with a good grip so it doesn't roll. The ring with three 'compartments' is unusual and very interesting; it provides a novel stimulation I've not felt quite like before - grips in multiple places. This set worth it for that alone.

Had problems with initial order but Amira provided absolutely outstanding customer service and addressed my problem very quickly and very much to my satisfaction. Thank you.


I like the flexibility of the product,but i was a little confused @ first about how to put it on.I tried one way then another.A HA! i finally figured it out how to put it on.I never thought it would stretch as far apart as it does,and still retain its shape.Great product!


This kind of black rubber is the same as the material of my last d*ld*. Harder than glass rubber as it is, the shapes are too thick as tires, so the friction is so large it hurts a lot trying to move them up and down. You don't wanna hold a handful of lubricant just j*rking off with your hands, do you?
The tripple ring is thinner but shouldn't it be asymmetrical to be used as described? Not comfortable, either.


In reality only the rectangle one is useful since its very stretchy. The rings are way to small for me and the thick rubber makes it impossible to make the stretch. Its worth buying just for the rectangle one.


I was pretty excited to try these out with my BF and add something new to our sex life. The package comes with 4 rings, 1 of which is a 3 part ring. The quality of the rings is great and we had no issues with any of the silicone snapping or breaking like other cock rings of poor quality. Tried these out a few times and definitely stood up to multiple uses and washes. We used the ringsthe base of his penis during intercourse, though the product picture shows other ways they can be used. The 3 part ring was my BFs favorite as it focusesthe penis AND scrotum.

Overall, it was a lot of fun using these rings. They did a good job in increasing longevity of intercourse and making him veiny/girthy. Shout out to Amira who was super attentive and provided awesome customer service. Definitely would recommend.


I will start off by saying that this is the first set of rings I have ever used. I do not suffer from any conditions or anything that would affect normal performance, but I figured these could be fun to try. I recommend looking up the different ways they can be used, if you are unfamiliar. It will save you precious time and prevent spoiling any special moments. Now, personally... Apparently, rings are not suited for me or my wife. We tried them in various configurations and just ended up enjoying our time together more when I was au naturel. I think I am an average-sized guy and my wife has had 4 kids, but using these made me a bit too much for my wife (which /5/ not be a bad thing in every situation).

With that said, these are extremely well made, and will definitely fit a wide variety of sizes. I can also see how they would be very functional for someone looking for or needing enhancement in certain ways... Or, if you are looking for a different experience altogether. I would definitely recommend them, and I do not regret purchasing them in the slightest. In spite of how our time together was with them, the value to quality ratio made them well worth trying them out. Who knows, things /5/ change in our future and we /5/ get more enjoyment out of them than we do right now.


I've only used these a few times and love them! I only have a 4 girth (in circumference) so I used the smallest ring. It fit very snugly and restricted blood flow without being too tight. My partner also said she had a little bit of extra stimulationher clit when I wastop which caused her to climax. I tried the three hole ring as well and wrapped it around my penis and balls and it fit comfortably, but didn't restrict flow in my penis because I'm not super girthy. I don't see the incentive to wrap around the balls though, but to each their own.