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Allovers Automatic Rotating Telescoping Hands-Free Male Masturbation Cup

Allovers Automatic Rotating Telescoping Hands-Free Male Masturbation Cup

US$ 123.56

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Allovers Automatic Rotating Telescoping Hands-Free Male Masturbation Cup
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  • Features:

    Partly transparent appearance, satisfy your peeping desire.
    Automatic working pattern, hands-free orgasmic enjoyment.
    10-speed rotating thrusting + 3-mode moaning, multiple sweetness.
    A stream of ribs and dozens of soft protrusions, gently tickle your dick.
    Super strong lever-release suction cup, explore more fantastic positions.
    Detachable sleeve, easy cleaning.


    Crystal-like transparent vagina sweet channel is completely unfolded in front of you! I guess your eyes are sticking to it! You are able to observe how your dick squeeze into the charming hole, how dozens of soft protrusions tickle your tip during thrusting and rotating moves, as well as how the plump ribs gently suck and kiss your bro. What an unmatched visually stimulating experience. Equipped with 10 speeds of rotating thrusting pattern and 3 moaning styles, you feel free to change the combination into what offers you the greatest excitement. Also, it helps you get rid of complex operations by controlling the thrusting speed, rotation direction, and moaning style with 2 separate buttons. The unique voice system allows you to feel the true and wonderful sex that your partner brings you anytime and anywhere, even if she is not by your side! Completely eliminate loneliness! And it features a super-strong lever-release suction cup which is specially designed to adhere to any smooth, non-porous surface, ideal for shower/bath use. With the constant up and down stroking action and its unique rotation feature, it adds a whole new dimension to male masturbation. In order to simplify the cleaning process, it possesses a detachable sleeve coming from body-safe TPE, guaranteeing worries-free self-pleasure.



    Size: 11.9 x 5.1 x 4.6 inches

    Weight: 1.32 lb

    Material: TPE

    Package List:

    1 x Male Masturbation Cup
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews



The packaging is rigorous. Clean and simple design. The packaging is well done.

To be honest, my expectations are very low. This is the last attempt to find a satisfactory product.

In the initial survey, the first thing I noticed is the simple operation of the three buttons. Simple operation can reduce distracted use.

The device was not charged upon arrival and requires a standard overnight charge.

It is larger than expected, but it is easy to hold and not very heavy.

Well, once it is charged and all settings are completed, I have to say that it is terrible, good kind.

Well, this is the expected result. The combination of the pre-programmed sequence and the rotation of the beads within the product body provides the desired result.


Thank you very much, I received the package intact. The quality is much better than the onesAmazon.


Definitely better than I expected. The different modes are fun to play with. The package came with a sample of water based lube and it enhances the pleasure. Easy to clean also since you can remove the sleeve itself.


Good toy,I send to my bro as his birthday gift, he love this.


Worth the price very well!


Great feeling! So many modes. This toy is probably the best I’ve used.


Very easy to clean and useful. I like it so much, and i will buy it again.


I bought it for my husband, hoping that he will stay when he isa business trip, so as to prevent him from going out looking for dirty prostitutes.


well worth the money ,best satisfaction over the other stocker which only moved up and down ,and the usb charger a very convenient feature


It feels amazing, easy to hold and the sensation is so real when you cover the suction hole. This is great for the price!


This would be a great first toy for anyone looking to experiment with male strokers.


This would be a great first toy for anyone looking to experiment with male strokers.


I have test only one time,but I have fell in love with it!!! Now, I will fuck it again lol.


I have had sex toys in the past and basically they just vibrate. Didn't really do anything but numbed my penis. I was a little Leary about this toy. Although I had read what it can do, still sex toys can be pretty cheaply made. What I really wanted was the most physically vaginal replica I could have and the little nubs gave me some doubts as for as design. But what sold me was the fact that it was hands free and that the cylinder can move up and down along the length. I also like that it's easy to clean. You could just take the cylinder out and wash it. What I got it, and then tried it for the first time, it felt more like a blow job, but I love how it would suck my penis in. It takes a little bit of use to get the feel of it but now my body has adjusted to it. It's working out great, so far. I like the different modes that I could use to switch it up. It's a little noisy, but of you got some music on or what ever it's no problem. Overall, it's a great product, and no batteries to have to worry about. I would recommend this to others in a sense of that it is a good product and that it's not too expensive.


This equipment is absolutely amazing! Felt better than a bj from nearly everyone I've ever gotten one from!


The product is very smart and operates easily.


The product has a wide variety of settings and modes for whatever you're feeling it's also very large making it easy to hold and thrust into overall a great product


My wife uses this on me


I love this product this bad boy will be the only tool you need! It does its job perfectly I havent had a single issue with this item so far. all you need is some free time and closed door and then its a done deal i hope this helps anyone who looking at reviews.


First and foremost it feels very good and real. There are a few different settings and it’s fun it mix it up. Secondly it’s easy to clean, which is a big deal. And third is something that surprised me, but the wall mount is super awesome. I did not think it would make much of a difference or I would really use it, but I was wrong. It’s amazing and adds a whole new level.