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Reviews (10)
  • E****t

    I saw a reviewYouTube and that sold it! My wife loves this thing! She says its almost as big as me, and almost feels as good. Its a close second place for when I am out of town.
  • A****i
    Good heavens! This one is definitely one of my new favorites! After working up the courage to explore with this new toy, I didn’t wanna stop! The different functions and vibration levels make for an ever changing experience! Love this!
  • D****y
    All I can say is wow
  • O****o
    Upon buying this toy I didn't realize not only does it vibrate and work as a dildo but it also has a setting that makes the toy thrust. The feeling of the dildo is very realistic and soft. I Definitely recommend this as an all-in-one sex toy.
  • Q****e
    Ended up bending the thing. Why is that in a good review from me?
    1. User error, so that'sme
    2. Managed to lock it back in
    3. I enjoyed it so much I busted it in the first place

    It is a bit big, at least for me, so make sure you're REALLY ready to use or prep some lube. Cheers.
  • T****a
    This product came very quickly in a beautiful box. I'm actually amazed at how well this works, it thrusts up and down at many different speeds/ patterns AND it vibrates at multiple different settings. It also feels and looks pretty realistic! Very good quality, needless to say I'm having a lot of fun with mine
  • C****e
    The packaging was so beautiful and pretty! It came with 3 packets of lube which was very convenient! The silicone that it is made of is super soft and i love it! It feels extremely real and is all around an amazing toy to use when my boyfriend isn’t around lol. First time using it I had an orgasm within 3 mins it was LIFE CHANGING.
  • V****t
    Soooo this is forsure a 10 out of 10, also came w three sample lubricants .. I love everything about it.. I do wish is came in other colors but other than that package 10, look of product 10, performance 10 ... I will say it is not quite at all so be mindful of that. Lmao I literalt want to get all my friends and family one no cap lmaoaoao Kk I’m out
  • D****a
    I love this toy! I’ve never owned anything like this and I wouldn’t go back. This thing is intense. The only thing I hate it that it attracts dust really quick, but that comes with all toys made with this material. Overall an amazing toy. You can’t go wrong.
  • S****a
    This dildo is the best I ever bought, and its action is incredible. It's soft and reallike and the motion is very realistic,thats the thrusting motion. The order was placed and I received my product in recordtime. Definetly a great company tobuy sex toys from