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Filling Telescoping Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote Control

Filling Telescoping Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote Control

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Filling Telescoping Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote Control
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  • Features:

    • Classic black appearance, enduring and timeless.
    • Spring-like part, brings an extra 0.4-inch length.
    • 7 vibrating+7 telescoping, stunning prostate orgasm.
    • Remotely control design, enjoy the passionate shared games.
    • Curved base, creates a close comfortable fit and simple operation.
    • 100% waterproof, explore the erotic wetness during sex.


    Once you have tried the orgasm dominated by prostate stimulation, you will not be able to stop exploring backdoor games. As one of the most important parts of inspiring sexual pleasure, adequate care of the male prostate is of great significance to men's sexual pleasure. As far as this toy is concerned, every part of it has been designed with great effort to idealize the actual effect. From top to bottom, there are mildly tipped top, spring-like flexible neck, swollen bottom, as well as curved base. They blend perfectly with each other, so you get a plaything featuring easy insertion, flexible friction and comfortable wearing! While enjoying with it, you will feel that this black plug continues to expand and contract in a certain frequency (among 7 telescoping modes), with a 0.4-inch extendable distance, so that your P-spot is bumped again and again! Endless pure sex! There are also 7 kind of vibration are available. Vibrating and Telescoping comes together, driving it to stir in your body wantonly. The only thing you need to do is to enjoy the happiness that permeates your whole body!  

    Size: 6" in total length, 3.7" in width.

    Weight: 0.3lb

    Material: Silicone + ABS

    Remote control distance: 10m

    Noise: <45db

    Package included:
    1 x anal plug

    1 x remote control

Customer Reviews



Compared with the single anal plug, this one gives me more happiness by its vibrating and remote pleasure!


I never used anal toy before, so it was too big to enter my backdoor, But my husband love it very much, and I also like it when it was in my husband's body and I was remoting my husband by remoter, lol. It it very interesting to use it together my husband. If you have a partner, you'd better try it.


This is at least the 8th prostate massager I have, and it has become my favorite after using it once. I should also mention that it is also the best used of all the products I own, so if this is your first time in this category, you /5/ want to be slower (and don’t forget to have some obvious The reason is that there was a bowl movement shortly before use).

My favorite part of this toy is that its vibration is the strongest of all my other massagers. The trust function is also a very popular function I like, and I hope they can develop more thrust length functions in the future! The included remote control is easy to find. Overall, this is a great prostate massager, especially the price! I would recommend it to everyone, even beginners.


If you are new to anal stimulation this may not be for you. For someone more experienced this product offers a lot for the money.


Besides 2 pumps for my husband, I bought this for myself,it is a good anal toy,but if it was other color,I will much more like it.


Vibration strength & telescoping motion are great. Size it good once used to it.


I had never used a toy like this before so had some concerns. The app downloaded easily and I found it easy to control the different vibrations, which I did first without the toy being inserted. Once inserted I was satisfied with the different combinations of vibrations. I especially liked the vibration part that was not inserted.


Found my p-spot a while back, and this beauty found it too plus a bit more. It's the best anal toy I have.


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If you are looking for a great prostate massager I would definitely give this one a go. The build quality is good, it's waterproof and the design is sure to please.


yes she screamed yes she used it 4 times in one day they are that good the vibration is really strong it’s a great addition to the bedroom for a couple definitely


Exactly what I needed
Perfect size. Wild ride and Easy clean up.Quick and hassle free. Easy to understand. Love this site


Fun little toy, after playing around with it I found the little remote had an adorable heart button and when I pressed it I was not disappointed. It activated a sort of turbo drive that lasted for about 10 seconds each time it was pressed. It was a really nice feeling and I kept pressing. Battery life was around 90 minutes continuously used which was alright. Easy to use and not too expensive; definitely a good addition to the toy chest.


Omg as soon as I got it I charged it immediately for its full two hours and I have to say I am extremely satisfied for sure and worth every penny. Perfect for anal and thrust is amazing and not to loud


Saw this was the top selling vibratorbestvibe for men. So I figured I'd give it a go.

Pros: super easy to clean, quieter than others I own, thrusting is a unique feature and it's not to big but not to small. It also came with lube and a applicator. Lube was actually pretty decent and the applicator was handy and honestly one of the better applicators I've used.

Cons: The remote could have a few more buttons or lights. It's hard to know exactly what setting your on. Also the thrusting part is good but if it went twice the distance I think it would be more of a pronounced feeling.

Overall though for the price and features I think it was money well spent.


Game changing. The thrusting and vibration functions work independently of each other; so you can choose to use both at the same time or either of the settings. It’s pretty awesome. Nothing I have ever experienced before.


This product comes in a very discreet and elegant package. It comes with a lube sample and a lube applicator. Two nice additions in my opinion. Another plus is that the remote comes with a AAA battery inside. Considering the good quality of the product and all the goodies it comes with, I think this was a great buy. As for the toy itself, I must say it is ratherthe large side. Use of good amounts of lube is a must. The remote works without issues and as indicated by the instruction manual. I would say that my only complaint is that the thrusting motor can be a little loud, but it does not detract from the product quality. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this sort of things.


I have just started training, and this is bigger than I was expecting. It is going to be awhile before I am able to use this. Although it is super sex and I am looking forward to it. The thrusting motion seems like it will feel greatthe prostate, the vibrations are just an added bonus. The remote works as expected, and the fact that this item is waterproof will make it fun in the shower. All in all, I recommend at this point. Once I get to use it, I will update if that changes.


Ok so the reviewsthis are so true feels like it's real and the big O is just out of this world. It gives you everything you need and if your lucky you partners to enjoy it with you.


I was unsure about this when I purchased it. It is a little bigger than any other product I have used and I have never used one that thrust. It definitely feels bigger than the typical massager so go easy, or start with something smaller.

While I was inside about the thrusting motion, let me say, it was amazing. It is the closest thing I’ve felt to someone actually massaging you. The combination of all the different vibration modes and the in and out had me so excited.

Then there is the “supercharge” buttonthe remote that for a short time doubles the speed of thrusts and the strength of vibrations. Ahh ma ZING!!

I would definitely buy this again.