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Fondjoy 6-Frequency Water Spa 6-Mode Sucking Penis Enlargement Pump

Fondjoy 6-Frequency Water Spa 6-Mode Sucking Penis Enlargement Pump

US$ 115.66
with sleeve

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Fondjoy 6-Frequency Water Spa 6-Mode Sucking Penis Enlargement Pump
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  • Features:

    An effective tool for bigger, harder erections as well as a way to explore size and firmness.
    Clear blue cylinder with precise measurements, observable dick enhancement.
    6-frequency water spa, feel free to explore the world of refreshing water spa.
    6-mode powerful sucking, get your dick sucked and boosted with or without water.

    Double entrance sealing circle, watertight and airtight.


    It's a fab penis pump alternative to the traditional one, giving you and your tool a new, unique pleasure sensation and dick enhancement with water as the main medium!
    Through its clear ABS cylinder, you are allowed to observe how your tool gets soothed, swelled, and fulfilled by the automatic vacuum sucking. Training your rod with 6 powerful sucking modes periodic will make you realize how strong your dick can be!
    Moreover, you can harness the power of water for your personal pleasure. Powered by the strong motor, the water turbine placed at the bottom of the chamber runs in any of the 6 modes to activate the water injected into the cylinder. Also, the intensity of water-churning changes along with the mode. Ranges from gentle to wild, which will send you into orgasmic ecstasy!
    It’s undeniable that using a penis pump is an effective method of easing the symptoms of ED as well as a way to explore size and firmness. Wanna take control of your sex life? Pump up your manhood to it for increased performance, better erections, and maximum pleasure!!

    N.B. When the sucking mode is activated (with water in the cylinder), the operating handle must be at the top, and the water injection volume must be kept below the water injection line, and the turbine should not be submerged by water. When in the water spa mode, the cylinder can be filled up with water, and it is forbidden to switch from the water spa mode to the sucking mode at this time.

    Product size: 12 x 2.8”

    Weight: 1.54lb

    Material: ABS+TPE


    Package included:
    1 x penis pump

    1 x charging cable

    1 x manual

    3 x donut

    1 x meaty stroker-style sleeve(optional)

    1 x auxiliary rod(optional)

Customer Reviews



They need to have better directions and a better video on how to use each feature for beginners for people who have never tried a penis pump


Got this for my Husband. He has good size but wants to train his friend more. Suction is impressive. You need to read the manual before using it.


Why is it that all the 'reviews' seem fake? No review below 4? Doubtful..


At first i was confused about the aqua function, but as I figured it out, I fell in love with it immediately.


Really great, five stars!


Amazing pump, I like the water spa function and I will one another for my bro who have tested many sex toys but never tester penis pum[!


The blue colour is nice, and everything is still on full display!


Yes,I bought 2 pump for my husband from Acmejoy,he told me he like the water spa.


Feels good, nice fit, easy to clean.


I love all its' funtion,but my favorite function is water spa. I often do a warm water spa with it. I love water spa, I love this pump.


Good suction once I get the seal correct. Would I recommend it.... Yes. Takes time tho don’t expect one-week massive results. Try 2 months.


It comes with multiple rings which is a huge plus. It is a little wider than my other pumps which I really like. The masturbation sleeve is the best I have ever had. After you put your unit inside, you can suck some of the air out and it gives you the tightest experience that you'll ever have. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!


So I was honestly skeptical at first, but after testing it... Well, let's just say it's the best you I've ever used.the pump and the sleeve both work extremely well. However, the water thing they show did nothing for me personally.


I really enjoy the feeling that it produces and perfect size.


All I can say about this toy is wow what an experience. Make sure you use some lube for this toy and you will love this. I like how it has a suction cup. This is a beast


This toy feels AMAZING! It provides sensations that I've never felt before. I haven't made it through all of the settings yet, the first setting has done the job every time, but I also tried the fourth... It blew my mind. This is very easy to clean, just slide the insert out and use a little soap and water. Then let it dry and use the tool to help put the insert back in. The only 'bad' thing I could say is that it is a little loud. But it's not too loud to be covered by a small fan behind your closed bedroom door. You definitely need a generous amount of personal lubricant with this one, but it is worth it. 10-10 would buy again


Only used it a few times, but am already seeing results.


I love the fact that my cock gets plumped up nicely I throw on one of my cock rings after and I’m able to have a really thick cock to fuck my wife with... I can definitely tell the difference of my cock and she does too.


The product was producing results and was a nice product to use.


it really works. in a gentle way.