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Handheld Flexible 10 Vibrating Male Masturbation Cup

Handheld Flexible 10 Vibrating Male Masturbation Cup

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Handheld Flexible 10 Vibrating Male Masturbation Cup
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  • Features:

    2 in 1 adult toy, not only a masturbator, but a stamina trainer.
    Adjustable size, perfectly fits for your size to bring endless pleasure.
    10 vibrating modes, all-round vibrations pulses.
    Body-safe silicone material, no odour, no allergy, safe to use.
    IPX7 waterproof, USB recharging, enjoy it anywhere anytime.


    Indulge in teasing fun and bring yourself to climax with the Glans Stimulator! The Supersex male vibrator, which focuses on the glans, provides powerful vibrations for this super sensitive area. Give in to teasing pleasure and get an unforgettable finish! Shaft massage with it is also amazing. In particular, it presents a semi-cylindrical shape as a whole, and provides an adjustable dick accommodating space to ensure the effect of clingy wrapping. Those inner ribs, along with the 10 vibrating patterns, will also play a huge pleasing effect at this time. Ideal for all penis owners! Not only that, it is also suitable for daily penis exercises. Regular training will make you gain more powerful and enviable tool. What's more, strong but quiet vibration makes the whole process without unnecessary noise. You are able to enjoy a secret intimate time. Rechargeable via USB, one hour of masturbation can be achieved with two hours of charging.


    Size: 3.35*2.1*0.31"
    Material: Silicone+ABS
    Noise: <50db
    Product Weight: 82g/0.18"

    Package List:
    1* penis vibrator
    1* USB Charging Cable
    1* User Manual

Customer Reviews



Going to take a lot of effort to find the modes I like best, but I will come clean with REALLY workedthe one I tried! ADDITIONAL INFO: Using it the second time, I found one setting that was GREAT. Peak pleasure twice in about 10 minutes! Did I mention, THIS THING WORKS!


Was very excited to get this in the mail, wow! Comes in a discreet package and ready to use. Highly recommend using this with lube as it doesn’t feel as good without it. I love the various vibration settings and the battery lasted the entire usagevarious vibrating settings. Easy clean up as well. Highly recommend!


Omg! This Male Penis Vibrator Is AMAZING!!!!
For My 1st Toy! let Me Tell You!!! It Was An Amazing Experience, the Different Vibrations & the Ripples in The Tip Is AMAZING!!!! I Recommend You Guys Try It!!


We are all adults here. Let me tell you.. We eventually get sexually frustrated as males sometimes. This toy melts away that sexual frustration and frees you from any stress. Mentally you just feel better after you release. It gives a good high level and intense release personally. The different modes vary in noise level. i use the low intensity mode so no one can hear me using it, but the high intensity mode is probably the least noisy of other toys but could still possibly be heard nearby. So if u switch modes quickly to the low mode then you can quietly enjoy this without any roommates hearing it. So this is a huge factor of why i bought it. Its the perfect toy. Just rinse under running water and you are good to go.

Hope my review helps anyone out.


The device charges quickly. It’s easy to adjust the vibration settings, and the grip is really comfortable. Also, the orgasm it delivered was kind of mind blowing. I got it this afternoon and I’ve already used it twice. The design makes it suitable for all different sizes.


The vibration feels amazing and it’s a very easy clean up


minimum effort, enjoyment.


When I ordered this I wasnt sure what to expect. After unboxing and testing I can say that this product is well worth it. The grip is soft and the vibration settings go from lite to pulsing. The sides are soft and can adjust to any size. I like to add lube to mine and found the toy was very easy to clean. Quick charging and not very loud. This product also has a removable bullet.


Quite surprised with this device and for the price. Vibrates well, and not too much or too little, you have about 10 modes to pick from or experience them all. It is rechargeable and has the openingone side which makes it easy to use. I highly recommend this product. 10/10


It's a nice little toy for when you just want to relax and let it do all the work. the multiple vibration modes allow for different types of pleasure whether you're trying to get it going or just relax and watch some tv while having it going. Theres a setting for just about anyonethe spectrum.


I really enjoyed this product. I saw the price tag and didn??t have high expectations, but when I received the product I realised it was the business. The packaging was great and the product feels surprisingly good. The vibrator part didn??t feel too strong on my hand but my sure disagreed. The only problem I had is that there??s a ribbed part for head stimulation and I feel like not all penis shapes were thought about on this design. It curves out a little bit too far out for me. Battery seems to be good as well. I used it a few times and battery is still going strong. I would definitely recommend this product compared to their vibrating sleeves, but for the price it??s an absolute no brainer.