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Remote Control Vibration Penis Ring 2-in-1 Anal Plug

Remote Control Vibration Penis Ring 2-in-1 Anal Plug

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Remote Control Vibration Penis Ring 2-in-1 Anal Plug
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  • Features:

    Two-stage design, each stage is designed with different stimulating elements.

    A penis ring extends from the base, makes your cock stronger while massaging the backdoor.

    Wireless remote control, brings more convenience to the game.

    The remote control can be used as a vibrator alone with 10 vibrating modes, perfect external massager.

    10-frequency vibration, 10 different backdoor pleasures.

    IPX6 waterproof, rinse with water after passion.


    The top cone is evenly covered with raised folds, and the ball below is covered with particles. Pointed design makes it easier to insert into your body, while the folds and particles will stimulate your inner wall with vibration when the toy starts to work. There are 10 vibration frequencies to choose from, and each one of them will definitely surprise your prostate. With a remote control, it brings a great convenience for your playtime. Just press the button to change the frequency even the toy is inside your body. Or let your partner participate in this crazy game, it will be more exciting. What's special is that the remote control can be used as a vibrator, stimulate your or your partner's nipples, neck and all other sensitive areas, killing two birds with one stone. A cord extends from the base of the plug, and at the another end of the cord is a penis ring. While the plug drives your prostate crazy, the ring can keeps you harder and delay your ejaculation. The combined effect of a penis ring and anal plug is no less than orgasmic joy. Thanks to the IPX6 waterproof, you can rinse it out with water directly after a game, which is convenient and hygienic. No more hesitation, bring it home is to bring happiness home.


    Material: ABS+silicone

    Size: 5.91*5.87*2.25’’

    Weight: 0.3lb

    Package included:

    1*anal plug

    1*remote control

    1*charging cable

Customer Reviews



My girlfriend loves this. She made me buy the doll with the big tits and the vagina and ass. I have a 10-in long dick that's very sick. So she has trouble with anal sex. But after she wears this for a half hour or more she's ready to go. She even have orgasms now. She never knew that she could have an orgasm from anal sex. She says they're way more intense and longer than the ones she has while I'm in her vagina. She said she actually prefers then to the orgasm she has an early vagina. And I finally get to feel what it's like to be able to bury it in an asshole every night. She even asks ME to put it in her ass now. She even used the toy when I'm gone. She wore it for hours around the house day before yesterday. I could hear it. She said it makes her have an orgasm cause she feels it vibrate her clit. She gets turned on immediately and is on her knees between my legs within 10 minutes. Now she can deepthroat, swallow, and take me balls deep in her ass every single night. She even has better orgasms because of this thing. I wish we would have known about it years ago. I love watching her put it in and how her ass gapes when she pulls it out. She saw her ass in the mirror yesterday and said in this sexy voice that her asshole looked ready for my big dick in this sexy, slutty voice and lifted her hips off the bed and her ass in my face. She slipped two fingers inside and asked me to please fuck her in her little asshole. I almost lost it right there. She is always horny now and I love it.


My girlfriend made me get one of the dolls because I have a 10-in dick that I can't get all the way in her vagina or her ass. So I made her get this to stretch her asshole so I can finally get it all the way in and pound it like I want to. She likes using this a lot. Especially while I go down on her. Then I get to bury it in her ass. She even started having orgasms every time and she says that they're more intense and last longer than when she has them when Im in her vagina. She said it still hurts a lot but the plug really helps her. And get to bury it all the way in her ass after she uses this for a half hour or so. She wore it for 3 hours yesterday walking around the house. And while she went down on me. I could barely hear it vibrating but it was really hot. Especially when I pulled it out and saw how gaped she was. She is ready for me finally. Ive been balls deep in her ass every night. Sometimes two or three times. And she's had a bunch of orgasms she never knew she could have. Our sex life is alot better. Now she deepthroats, swallows, and loves her ass pounded. Thanks alot! Should have tried this years ago!

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