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UNIMAT Automatic 8 Telescoping Rotating Masturbation Cup

UNIMAT Automatic 8 Telescoping Rotating Masturbation Cup

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UNIMAT Automatic 8 Telescoping Rotating Masturbation Cup
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    Clear chamber, satisfy your hobby of voyeurism.
    8-pattern telescoping+rotating, enjoy orgasmic pleasure.
    3-gear adjustable speed, find the most exciting state.
    42℃ heating system, mimics the real body temperature.
    Large particles on the inner wall, massage your dick in all directions.
    Alluring female groans, intimate real sexy partner.
    Detachable sleeve, convenient for thorough cleaning to prevent bacterial growth.


    There should be one fully automatic penis stroker in your toy drawer, in case of times when you are in mood of solo games. In terms of appearance, the black-gold color makes the toy itself classic and timeless, and the clear chamber is very friendly to peepers. You can see for yourself how your dick is teased and pleased. Regarding function, it has 8 working modes, and the two functions of rotation and telescopic are perfectly matched. With 3 adjustable speeds, you will never be disappointed by it. In addition, if you tend to enjoy the sweet and seductive female moaning during movements, just press the power button once in the power-on state to activate the voice mode. What's more, 42℃ pure heat is accessible as well. You can always find the working state that best help you reach the orgasm. Moreover, the sleeve made of TPE is detachable, so that you are free to take the sleeve out to clean thoroughly, preventing bacterial growth.

    overall length: 9.8 x 3.1”
    Weight: 1.54 lb
    Material:  ABS+TPE

    Package included:
    1 x masturbation cup
    1 x charging cable
    1 x manual

Customer Reviews



Experience is great, but where can I order replacement cups? The collars wear off.


Great every thing as said if your thinking about getting it get you won't be disappointed and you gotta take care of it if you want it to last


It feel surprisingly real. Use the water based lube and it last quit awhile.


My wife loves me using toysher and always cumplains she didnt have a toy so she could have fun with me....I found this and got it for her for Valentines Day.......Wow ....she seen this and couldnt wait to use itme....let me tell you ...having two pussies in bed with me was a turnand I think it turned herto. We used lots of lube( highly recommended) When she started using itme ....WOW....just like having new pussy but with my wife controlling the motion.....could go into more detail but why...use your imagination and have fun.......BUY IT!!


Feels so real! love it and I it has talked back once and i use it over and over when I need to bust


When my husband is deployed, he likes to take this with him. It's home away from home he says.
He tells me it's like having the real thing.


This thing feels great. No joke. It worked way better than I expected it to. It has numerous patterns, but the first two (constant) are the best in my opinion.


This thing is pretty awesome! First of all be sure you use the water based lube included. It increases the sensation greatly. I like the different patterns available. Secondly, make sure you are hard before inserting. Trust methis one LOL. Next, it works better if you don't insert in the entire length. That can sometimes slow the motor down. Lastly, make sure you have a good place to store it.. Great product. You can't go wrong with this one.


When recceing this I survived my husband with it for he could try a new toy. The softness of this product was very intriguing which made you want to try it just to see how it feels, now the softness is great but the little groves in the cup need to be a little longer to make it more of a feeling inside. Now the power of this item was very much there it has a couple of different setting which makes it better for you to fine which one works best for you but make sure you don't get to crazy and push back it will stop or make funny noises. This item does come with a very interesting feature it comes with sounds of a girl getting out, well it might work for some but it was to fake for my husband. Now it also come with a stand where you can put ita wall or somewhere well that did not work great for my husband he prefers it off the base and just relaxing. Now the cleaning was a breeze you just take the cup out and wash it with toy cleaner and let it dry very easy but overall its a new experience and a new toy and great to try new things.


Where has this been all of my life. I didn't know what to expect. The thrusting action was awesome. I never had such a hands free experience. Sometimes you have problems getting completely firm, but with this generous opening, it is forgiving and it's not like trying to shove yourself into a tight hole. I would recommend for everyone. I've had many pocket pals and sleeves. This is better than all of those.


I bought this toy for my hubby to play or for me to play with as we like to experiment in new ways in the bed room. This toy has a really cool and discrete design. I prefer the device design and the clear look rather than the typical flesh color. In terms of functionality it I can say for certain it’ll make you feel amazing. It’s got so many different rotating/massaging functions so you can pick the perfect one just for you. The added woman’s voice is a kind of strange, but likely a nice feature that I haven’t seen before. It added to the experience for me, but some people /5/ not like it so it can be turnedor off. The packaging it came in was very discreet, first in an amazon box and just to be twice as secure, the black box the toy comes in is also unmarked. They toy itself it’s not so discrete when using, it’s actually pretty loud, so be warned if you have other people in your home. It comes with a charging cable, mount, and instructions. It’s a really well put together toy that will definitely leave you happy. If you’re looking for an amazing toy for your husband/partner, then I would recommend this one 100%


So the different stroking patterns and speeds make it super easy to spice up your masturbating habits. I personally enjoyed the slower settings but the faster ones are good too if that’s your thing. The product also comes with headphones so you can use the audio feature which is the sound of women moaning. I didn’t think I was going to like that but to my surprise I was kind of into...the last moan setting to be exact(seemed the most realistic). The cleaning process is pretty simple and explained in the manual...I didn’t finish in mine so the clean up was easy for me. All in all the product is really great the only thing I didn’t care was how loud the toy was. It wasn’t unbearable just louder than I would prefer. /5/be they’ll workminimizing that in the next model.