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Visible Sucking Vibrating Male Stroker with Controlling Handle

Visible Sucking Vibrating Male Stroker with Controlling Handle

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Visible Sucking Vibrating Male Stroker with Controlling Handle
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  • Features:

    Palm-friendly size, effortless one-handed operation.
    Visual windows on both sides, explore further secrets of pleasure.
    3-stage inner sleeve design, simulates the complicated and charming female passage.
    10-mode vibration & 3-pattern sucking, experience the intoxicating orgasmic muscle contractions like your real partner.
    Detachable sleeve, easy to clean to prevent bacterial growth.
    USB charging, high portability.



    Given a surprising three-stage texture on the inside, this Sucking Vibrating Male Stroker is able to mimics how the channel sucks you when you tease your partner into wild orgasmic contractions. The bumps, ribs and threads act as those pleasant barriers inside the vagina, which will, now and then, contract and release in any of the 3 rhythms when activated, so as to promote the highest degree of pleasure. You will observe this entire solo journey through the display windows on both sides. The double joy of vision and body! Perhaps you are willing to inject additional vibration into this journey by activating any of the 10 vibration modes. The wonderful combination of shaking and sucking will make your day! With 18-inch hose and ergonomic control handle, the masturbation will turn out to be a much more enjoyable one.

    Size of masturbation cup: 7.4 x 3.2”

    Insertable length: 4.4”

    Size of the handle: 6.5 x 1.8”

    Length of hose: 18”

    Weight: 1.54 lb

    Material: ABS+TPE

    Charging time: 2.5h

    Usage time: 1h

    Package included:
    1 x masturbation cup

    1 x charging cable

Customer Reviews



I have tried a number of masturbator devices including Fleshlight and AutoBlow non of any of them worked for me. My first time on this device worked!

It sucks and massages at the same time and you can’t misplace the remote because it is wired to the device - great idea I think. It is also not too big and easy to hold and the quietest device I have ever used.

If I were to request just one thing to make this even better I would ask for there to be a randomised switch so it could cycle through each sucking mode without having to be touched. The uncertainty of what is coming next would add to the enjoyment.

If you want to be sucked - really sucked - and massaged with vibration, this is the one for you.


Watched Turd Flinging Monkey’s video on this toy and he wasn’t kidding, this is a great toy! Feels very realistic and love the different modes this toy offers. When you cum without using your hand, I believe it tricks the Brain into thinking you just had sex, which really differentiates this toy from everything else. 5-5


It was very satisfying.I'm very happy with it.


It's like a girl giving me a blowjob